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Irregular or missed heartbeat.
Removal of a small piece of tissue for microscopic study.
Cloudiness of the eye lens.
Difficulty or pain urinating.
Congested; filled with fluid.
Blood test to evaluate the amount of sugar in the blood following a time period of fasting.
Blood test done to evaluate the body's response to sugar.
Discomfort or pain that occurs in the chest. Often occurs after eating.
Peptide hormone made by the pancreas. It promotes the use of glucose.
Yellow staining of the skin, sclera (eyes) and deeper tissues of the body. Caused by excessive amounts of bilirubin. Treated with phototherapy.
Small mass or lesion found in the kidney or urinary tract. Can block the flow of urine.
Minor surgical procedure performed for tubal ligation, diagnosis of pelvic pain or diagnosis of ectopic pregnancy.
Pigmented mole or tumor. It may or may not be cancerous.