Cattle Care

Routine Health Management

Our focus is to provide the best possible diagnostics and care for each and every animal. Whether it is vaccinations or review of DHI records, we strive to prevent the onset of clinical signs and diseases. We are able to utilize routine herd checks to monitor for various conditions within a herd.  We can also evaluate which animals are the highest contributors to overall somatic cell count.  By having communication with farm managers and owners, we are able to identify not only individual problems, but also concerns that may affect an entire herd. 

Herd Management Consultations

We provide consultation in a multitude of areas. These areas include nutrition, records evaluation, reproduction, calf management, neonatal care, and milking machine analysis. We continually attend continuing education seminars to stay at the forefront of the industries that we are involved with. 

Reproductive Medicine

Our doctors excel at determining the best possible reproductive program for each animal and herd with which we are associated. Timed breeding, artificial insemination, and correction of reproductive problems are all areas of concentration. We can design a breeding program that best fits your herd.

Easi-Scan Ultrasonography

We can perform ultrasound examinations on horses , cows and some small ruminants. Generally ultrasonography is utilized for reproductive conditions, either to evaluate for early pregnancy or to diagnose conditions that may make pregnancy more difficult to achieve. We can ultrasound cows as early as 28 days after they are bred.  This allows open cows to be "short cycled" for an earlier return to heat and hopefully a shortening of days open.  Ultimately this results in increased profits for the farmer, as cows produce both more milk and more calves over a lifetime.  

This Easi-scan ultrasound is designed specifically for portable use on large animals. It is battery operated, eliminating the need for a cord.  Other features include early pregnancy detection (as low as 28 days in cattle and 14-18 days in horses). This ultrasound unit is also designed for fetal sexing in cattle between 60-80 days after being bred. 

Fetal Sexing

Utilizing the lastest ultrasound technology, several of our veterinarian have become proficient at fetal sexing.  Fetal sexing in cattle can be accomplished between 60 and 80 days of gestation.  This aids the farmer in management decisions, as they can elect to keep cattle that are confirmed pregnant with heifer calves (Diary) or Bull calves (beef).   Fetal sexing in cattle may also help to increase the value of an animal for sale, as buyers often are buying cattle based upon genetics.  By purchasing a top cow bred with a bull calf, a breeder may choose to purchase the bred cow to develop a replacement bull.  Other breeders may wish to purchase a cow bred that is confirmed pregnant with a heifer, as that heifer will be used as a replacement within the herd.  

Milk Quality Services

We offer complete milk quality services concentrating on both environmental factors and milking procedures/milking machine function. Our services include coming to your farm during milking to evaluate milking machines, prep procedures, cow cleanliness, teat ends, etc. We will tailor the evaluation specifically for your dairy's needs and give a written report with our findings and recommendations.

Complete Surgical Services

We offer surgery on the farm and at our clinic. Holding pens and stocks provide us with the ability to allow for you to drop off your animal for its surgical procedure with biosecurity in mind. We feature a bovine surgery room and a separate equine surgical suite. We perform bovine surgeries which include displaced abomassum correction (twisted stomachs), abdominal exploratory, cesarean section, hernia repair, and several others. Our equine surgery suite is equipped to perform colic surgery, hernia repair, cryptorchid surgery (retained testicle), and many other types of surgery. 

Milk Culturing Lab

Milk culturing is critical to mastitis control and prevention. Knowing the mastitis organism that is causing mastitis is the most important step in preventing the next case. We offer pick-up of milk samples or you may drop the samples at the clinic. Please ask your veterinarian for more details.

Diagnostic Laboratory Services

From fecal flotation to bacterial culture and sensitivity, our clinic facility and staff are capable of performing many laboratory tests and screenings. Our doctors (or the farm managers in some cases) can collect samples to determine the type of bacteria that is present and the best course of treatment. Blood samples can be evaluated for many disease conditions. We can perform tests to evaluate cell counts (red and white cell counts), screen the body organ systems, and evaluate electrolyte status. Using a referral laboratory, we can expand our capabilities even further. Specific disease conditions such as Johne’s, Equine Infectious Anemia, Leptosporosis, BVD, and others can be detected at off site facilities.


Our onsite pharmacy is maintained so that we have most of the medications that your animal will need. Items not routinely stocked can usually be obtained within 24 hours. We offer drop off services and also special programs for eligible clients that have bulk orders.


We recently purchased a portable x-ray unit. This unit allows us the freedom to perform radiography in the clinic as well as on farms within the area. Lameness issues can be evaluated to look at correcting underlying problems, often associated with previous injuries.  We are also able to use radiology to look for abnormal foreign bodies that tend to cause chronic, non-healing drainage tracts. 

24-Hour Emergency Services

One of our large animal doctors is on call at all times. Please call the clinic’s main phone number if you have an emergency. We can be contacted at (330)682-2971or toll free at 1-800-221-1547 if you are out of the local calling area.


Acupuncture is the use of small needles that are inserted into "trigger points," which are specific points targeted to simulate the desired healing effects.  Acupuncture cases the release of cortisol and endorphins.  These two substances help relieve pain, decrease inflammation, increase blood circulation, relieve muscle spasms, and stimulate nerves.  Many conditions respond to acupuncture therapy, including: Osteoarthritis, Hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, intervertebral disc disease, seizures, strokes, inflammatory bowel disease, diarrhea, nausea, and many other.  The length and frequency of the treatments varies depending on the underlying condition, as well as the severity of clinical signs.  We will discuss the treatment protocol and expected outcome during your initial consultation. 


Cryotherapy is a service that we added in 2017.  This technology uses liqud nitrogen, targeted through a small, handheld device.  The liquid nitrogen serves to "freeze" the target tissue.  This allows us to remove smaller lumps and bumps with little to no anesthesia.

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